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Discover the Latest in Eye Care Technology

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As a leading eye care center serving the Fullerton, Anaheim, Buena Park, and Orange County area since 1990, 20/20 Eye Care Center is fully dedicated to staying at the forefront of technological advancements in the field.

Our commitment to providing excellent eye care services and our use of cutting-edge technology is what sets us apart and ensures that our patients always receive the highest quality eye care. Book an appointment with us today to experience our exceptional service for yourself.

Understanding the Need for Advanced Eye Care

Our eyes play a vital role in everything we do, yet many people still underestimate the importance of regular eye care beyond addressing immediate discomfort or vision issues.

At 20/20 Eye Care Center, however, we understand that proactive eye care is crucial in detecting and managing eye conditions such as glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy, which can silently progress and lead to significant vision loss if left untreated.

Advancements in Eye Care Technology at 20/20 Eye Care Center

We provide an extensive range of services that encompass the full spectrum of visual health by utilizing the following technology:

Digital Retinal Imaging

By harnessing the power of non-invasive digital retinal imaging, we capture detailed images of the retina. This allows us to detect and monitor eye diseases such as glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, and macular degeneration in their early stages, when treatment is most effective.

Corneal Topography

Through sophisticated corneal topography, we obtain precise mappings of the cornea's curvature. This information aids in the diagnosis and treatment of various eye conditions, optimizing visual outcomes and ensuring the perfect fit for contact lenses.

Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)

Our state-of-the-art OCT technology provides high-resolution cross-sectional images of the retina. This helps us detect and monitor conditions like glaucoma and macular degeneration with unparalleled accuracy, enabling timely intervention and preserving your vision.

Beyond our In-Clinic Services

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In addition to our in-clinic services, we are pleased to offer the convenience of online shopping through our website. We understand the importance of accessibility and convenience in today's fast-paced world, which is why we're thrilled to introduce our online shop, designed with your needs in mind.

Introducing Our Online Shop

Discover a wide selection of eye care products and services at our online shop. Explore our curated collection of:

  •  Prescription Eyewear - Find the perfect frames and lenses to suit your style and visual needs.
  • Sunglasses - Protect your eyes in style with our range of fashionable and UV-protective sunglasses.
  • Contact Lenses - Experience comfort and clear vision with our selection of high-quality contact lenses.
  • Dry Eye Therapies - Alleviate dry eye symptoms with specialized products designed to provide relief and moisture.

Shop with Confidence

At 20/20 Eye Care Center, we prioritize your visual health and satisfaction. That's why we source our eye care products from trusted manufacturers, ensuring the highest quality standards are met. Shopping at our online store guarantees peace of mind, knowing you're receiving top-notch products that align with our commitment to excellence.

Our dedicated customer support team is readily available to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have. We're here to guide you through the online shopping experience and ensure you find the perfect solution for your eye care needs.

Experience the Future of Eye Care Today

Are you ready to enhance your vision and experience the future of eye care? Visit our online store to explore our wide range of high-quality eye care products. We also invite you to visit our office in Fullerton, conveniently located at 1839 West Orangethorpe Avenue, Fullerton or call to schedule an appointment with us. Elevate your vision, protect your eyes, and optimize your visual health with 20/20 Eye Care Center today.